OMG...we are moving to Switzerland |Storyteller Photographer

So this thing happened….

doesn't everyone sleep with their fancy new suitcase? 

doesn't everyone sleep with their fancy new suitcase? 

Yup.  After talking about it, perseverating on it, dreaming about it, writing about it, goal setting about it and then abandoning it over and over, the tug of the idea was Just. Too. Much to let go.. 


Holy %&^* I just said it out loud...

Dad and his daughter with red pops of colour and Swiss markings

On paper the idea was totally sound.  Pack up boxes, put together some suitcases, buy some plane tickets, convince your children that a year away is exactly what they want to be doing at this age and you're good to go! 

Hilarious!  when packing with friends - wine is an obvious must - it's drinking vessel beside the point.  Grab a mug and go!  

Hilarious!  when packing with friends - wine is an obvious must - it's drinking vessel beside the point.  Grab a mug and go!  

Ya...freakishly hilarious.  I thought so too!  So when the inevitable tug of the European continent was just too much to bear and the lack of having anyone who could ferry me over my necessary 1/2 wheel of raclette cheese a year, we figured we'd do ourselves the favour and head over ourselves.  

Knowing that we'd somehow figure things out we started walking the inevitable walk, put plans together and then nudged them forward hoping that momentum might just whisk them forward all while looking behind us and wondering what the heck we were doing!   The inevitable 'pinch me are we really doing this' moments would make us giggle with glee and then have us plummet as the next moment had us crashing into wtf.   

We have decided that the best way to live out what it NOT our midlife crisis (it is what I am telling myself and sticking to it) was to pack up our everything, shove it into storage, leave with 4 suitcases and a carefully staged plethora of bags and suitcases to my ‘sherpa husband’ (more on that later), and move to Europe for a year’s adventure.  

seeing that truck made it Oh So Real. 

seeing that truck made it Oh So Real. 

man kissing wife on cheek

Simple. Right?  I assure you it has been an adventure from the start.  

So many questions, so many stories and we've barely just begun.  

Never-the-less, Europe tugged at our hearts, adventure called us out and the tug-of-war evident in our hearts of staying vs going that had us firmly in its grip for oh so long, finally gave a reprieve long enough to allow for us to spring forward with our plans.  Though I use the word ‘plan’ loosely because despite my Swiss nature of everything having a place and everything in their place, this story is decidedly “leap and ask if there is water later”.  

moving boxes in one room


Really if you’ve managed to read this far – and good for you if you have – our current plan can be summed up into one long run-on sentence.

“yup.  We’re headed to the Swiss Alps to live as the Swiss by bus, train, boat and gondola (throw in the occasional donkey and cow ride), we are currently homeless and jobless but our kids will be well educated!  We intend on having visitors (isn’t this the making of the best trip advisor message ever?!), join us as soon as you can – we have pots, pans and duvets in our luggage (no joke). 

We know that this is what we needed to do as a family and on one hand have sorted out many of the details but as life shows us her hand, we know too that there are many twists and turns that we need to navigate before all the pieces fall into place before we are settled.   We have packed up all our excitement, courage and determination as we know that we will be tested from one end to the other confident in our problem-solving skills that allow us to navigate the more challenging bits.  When in doubt I have my yodelling skills packed into my back pocket and my ability to scope out a perfect raclette is second to none.   If vocal and eating skills are all we need…it will be a total success! ;)  

Wanna come along for the ride..?  Watch out for blog posts of the adventures along the way and the 'adventure 365' on IG.