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When life stabs you with a fork | Travelling Storyteller Photographer

Nothing shakes up a day faster than one where an eating implement is found where it shouldn’t. Better yet are the days where you can then revel in the fact that your silverware allows you to see the good in the day and provides you with a story that just. keeps. on. giving.

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Swiss Peculiarities | Travelling Storyteller Photographer

Moving to a new country has all the hallmarks of EXCITEMENT written all over it. Doing it from scratch and despite knowing the language and the culture, the learning curve is steep and with it creates and weaves a story that has us riveted at every turn. Today’s does of ‘who? what? when?” a glossary of sorts to help navigate a move to the land of chocolate and cheese.

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Bringing it up to date | Storyteller Travelling Photographer

Slowly down to speed up is something of a revelation to me. Sitting at my computer not knowing where to start had me realizing that I needed to look back to come back to centre. For us the morning starts us off slowly and the day breaks into crescendo - always hoping for a melodic one - as of late some have erred more towards cacophonous but we are finding our way…one note at a time.

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