it all started when...

I made my dad cry after putting our first family album together in a basic 3-ring binder for Christmas when I was 8 years old.  Far from the current scrap booking craze, I hid in my room meticulously cutting out construction paper and writing comments with coloured markers while artfully arranging photographs that had been hoarded into the "photograph drawer" in my parent's bedroom, hoping to create a sentimental gift.  Boy did I ever underestimate the power of those images.  Seeing him tear up made me realize... the photographs that I would sneak away to ogle over hit him in the heart-strings just as hard.  I bought my first Canon Snappy (red...of course) shortly after.  Bless that woman who stood at the counter watching me painstakingly count the exact change that I had methodically saved and sorted into those tiny baggies that at the time were held together by twist ties.  

I never knew it then (and in total disclosure I didn't even come to realize it until much later in life), but photography has been a part of me ever since.  My friends think this is hilarious and it's why I surrounded myself with the best village a girl could ask for.  They remind me of who I am and what I do.  I like to think I'm a minimalist at heart (though my closet would say otherwise), and I live by the mantra "we live with what we love and chuck the rest", but my most treasured items are by far and without question the photographs that I have captured over time.  We have the closet full to support that claim.  

I am forever shaped by the incredible people around me.  My mother's best friend taught me the value of putting up onto your walls those things that you love.  Walking up the curving staircase into her flat in Europe and looking at the unconventional yet undeniably mesmerizing collage of family photographs as I rounded the staircase I knew exactly who would open the door at the top.  Each image whole heartedly curated to capture the beauty, soul, laughter and tears of the people who shaped her world, least of all the crazy adventures they went on together.   It was awesome.  I vowed to do the same at home.   So this is how it all started.  

Then!  Then I learned the most invaluable lesson.  As any parent will tell you, watching your kids grow makes you realize time speeds up the moment they are born.  Personally, my age may tick up and I feel just as I did when I was 30...but my kids have shown me that time passes faster than the fast they tell you about.  Mentors have told me the same.  I wanted a living memory of what has transpired and it's the driving force behind my wanting to document our lives in the way that I do.  Acting as a reflection of what and how we are living, the images we create and capture allow us to steer the ship in the direction we are hoping to travel.  

To be in our home is to know exactly who we are.   Kids are captured on our walls and blown up huge in frames.  Their belly laugh giggles bring a smile to my face, spaghetti twirling feats in the kitchen make me giggle, simple portraits make my heart ache and family pictures are my prized possessions.  No matter what the image displayed on our walls, it is one we have made as a family.  We are the stars in our own show.   This incessant need (as my husband now calls it) drives me to want to do this with others... as I have been doing for over 15 years... without even realizing it.   Photographs mean something.  It's that simple. THAT is how it started.  

Our families memories, and most notably our photographs, are the first things we think of when we speak of our most treasured things.  It is my utmost pleasure creating memories and capturing them in photographs for families for them to remember and love for years to come.  Family photography isn't just about taking a still photo and trust me they don't stay little forever...if you have questions inquiries and even hesitations, I would love to hear from you.  I have a few select spots available for the fall of 2017. 403-612-6539