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I have never felt alone when in the company of a friend's family.  I have so many incredible memories of being welcomed into homes where parents, sisters and brothers folded me into the fabric of their lives.  I got to learn, experience and see what it was like coming from a different part of the world.  I saw, ate and conversed in ways that were new to me, discovering what and how another family unit beyond my own, travelled through life and what made them great.  Those moments touched me personally and had a hand in shaping my future family.     Life has a way of showing up to show you things that you need to see.  To remind you that you aren't alone, that you are doing ok and that when looking at the world in a way to help you move forward.   Call me sappy, but telling others just how much they mean to you is important to me, and this family is no different.  To Christel, Richard, Lilia and Gian.  xo   

calgary family photography mom and dad with boy and girl laying down

Watching you all move throughout the day was like watching a fine tuned machine that was timed with Swiss precision to the daily motions of life.  One arm out to catch a soaring ballerina jump off the canapé while the other sliced up cucumbers with the efficiency of a Michelin star chef.   Without missing a beat the other merged music class into the art of gastronomy, educating my littles in to the efficiencies of a meal well planned while elevating their spoken French to new heights. 

calgary family photography family together sleeping

I get it that family is hard, that mornings are sluggish, evenings are late and we can be but ships passing in the night, but you showed me awesome, and I got to capture that.  

calgary family photography family kissing mom

To a mama who is stronger that she knows and brighter that she realizes, you inspire me.  While you may slay 'sorcières' with effortless ease, snuggling littles with kisses, then swiftly and deftly dashing to the next chore to be completed, you manage to elevate your abilities by constantly striving to be your best.  Your energy is contagious, your impressions, thoughts and compassion so appreciated, and your ability to push through with a dogged determination is a source of strength from which I draw for myself.   Your children watch you with awe and admiration, and in synchronicity drive you crazy and love you deeply - you are without a doubt the most amazing woman in their lives. 

calgary family photography playful fun with son and dad

To a papa whom I admire - the lessons you taught me were immeasurable.  From your strong helping hand in the rain on a mountain side to seeing your delight in sharing an old French movie with a village of children surrounding you to knowing that you cared so deeply that your visitors were well cared for my heart thanks you for the person that you are.  I was gifted the time to see someone who laughs for and with his children, who loves his family deeply and has for his home and culture an affection that transcends just the everyday.  

calgary family photography playful family in pink

And then this.  I was told somewhere by someone that you should always surround yourself with people who will push you together.  Someone else told me that you need to laugh.  I figure the two together are pretty amazing and watching you both - foreheads smashed together into the realities of life - facing it as an ensemble and doing the dance.....I am enamoured.  It's hard, it's exhausting, but seeing you learn into one another and look in each other's eyes - sappy warning here - the connection and together made my heart beat a little harder for you both.  It's there that deep seated quiet, the giggle bursting from the gut, the subtle and knowing glances.  I saw it, I see it and I love it for you...both.  A beauty that shows me that life is beautiful - la vita è bella.  

calgary family photography kids jumping on the bed

If play is the essence of being then these two define living.  To two tiny humans that exemplified to me what it means to elevate the experience of childhood and never stop playing, we thank you for the experience of sharing all of your life for the weeks that we were with you.   From playthings to bedrooms, books, songs and experiences, we were the better for knowing just how to do it the 'Valaisanne' way.  

The face they give you when you tell them it's bedtime..

The face they give you when you tell them it's bedtime..

For the lessons I learned while I listened, laughed, watched and embraced, I raise a glass and say Santé.  Know that the brave connection of strength, resilience, love tying you together through the experience that is life is a beacon of light and one I was immeasurably grateful to be a part of.   One more family enveloping my own as part of theirs.  We couldn't have been more grateful.  Je vous aime - une famille, mon village.  xoxo. K. 

Our families memories, and most notably our photographs, are the first things we think of when we speak of our most treasured things.  It is my utmost pleasure creating memories and capturing them in photographs for families for them to remember and love for years to come.  Family photography isn't just about taking a still photo and trust me they don't stay little forever...if you have questions inquiries and even hesitations, I would love to hear from you.  I have a few select spots available for the fall of 2017. 403-612-6539

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