a book then a village...| calgary family photography

I grew up in a tight knit family of four knowing little about the trappings of having to squish into the back of the table when scores of family came over for dinner.  We always had our seats and save the few holidays, extra special visits when someone came to visit from abroad or we insisted that those who travelled from far and wide for university should come to our house, we were a quadruplet of a family - moving and being as one.  I loved it.   

Family teaches you things about how to be in the world.  

Work hard, be kind, act generously, be giving, listen and above all, respect those around you.  Growing into one's self allows those wings to stretch and in soaring helps to define the value of those lessons.  Having children provides some with boundless energy and for others it takes it all away until the time comes that the kids learn to pour Cheerios for themselves and can be trusted not to spill milk on the floor - better yet...they know how to use the Nespresso machine and can walk a latte to your bedside knowing that a "yes you can watch cartoons" is inevitable.   


Bearing witness to others being them and together has provided me with the mirror and the light in which I guide my own life and those within it.  Family is tight, connected, hard, fun, silly, and amazing.  

The years of the little ones =  challenging, sleep deprived and FAST.  I mean lightening fast.  The middle years I am seeing is eye opening, inquisitive, exploring and changing - both from within and from outside - marking the passage of time with incessant internal dialogue and questions.

 And then those who are grown - making me realize that my heart is already aching for those who my own children will become.  

To this family who rounds out a village I call home, I am forever grateful for the life lessons they teach me and my family allowing me insight into their present and giving me a gift for our futures.  To Mike, Katrina, Bella and Sophia - we 'wove' you.  xoxo. 

Our families memories, and most notably our photographs, are the first things we think of when we speak of our most treasured things.  It is my utmost pleasure creating memories and capturing them in photographs for families for them to remember and love for years to come.  Family photography isn't just about taking a still photo and trust me they don't stay little forever...if you have questions inquiries and even hesitations, I would love to hear from you.  I have a few select spots available for the fall of 2017.  karin.histon@gmail.com. 403-612-6539