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As I know, family can disperse itself significantly in this amazing place we call the world.  Times together can mean every weekend at the dinner table or it can mean weeks and months without seeing one another.    The connection between two women forever linked together through the bond of being a sibling is powerful to me.  Having the memories captured in photographs can be so special.

Why not have a session with your sibling?

calgary family photography two sisters sitting on a bench with their kids

The sameness yet differences inevitably inherent from being part of a family create these wonderfully unique individuals.   Their children are forever tied through the bonds of this regardless of distance, differences, sameness and life experience. 

Kids are exceptional at creating the memories you want to keep.

calgary family photography extended session children laughing and making faces

If sisters bring to the story a connection that can never be broken, the children then remind us that joy, laughter, fun and fart jokes round out the 'raison d'être' for making the trek no matter the distance to stay together.   

This is way better than the iPhone selfie.

calgary extended family photography two sisters together on a blanket at glenmore park

Sisters, I have decided, wield a secret power - often seen in sideways glances, inside jokes and knowing looks.  Laughing they showed me their link while their stories highlighted their connection.   It is no doubt that within the darkest of times or the brightest of moments, one's sister knows just the thing that will tip the scale back to right.  Having those moments captured as adults is precious - there...I've said it. 

calgary children photography kids wrapped in a blanket and laughing

They are only little once.

Life happens faster and faster as the time piece ticks on - the opposite of what I remember feeling when I was young and things would take soooooo long.  The opposite of what it felt like when we were all together, with two families always linked in "together" who slowed down the evening into slivers of moments meant to be captured forever.

calgary kid photography children jumping and having fun

it can and should be fun

Sarah and Katrina - to two exquisite women and your incredible children- I thank you for sharing with me a moment of you two together.  For coming ready to be yourselves and lending me insight into what it means to stay connected.  I am grateful for the incredible image you gave me in showing what it means to be sisters and to make me laugh that after all these years someone still remembered who made Barbie clothes best.  To you both - keep jumping, playing and laughing - you both made it look so good.   xoxo Karin

How to book an extended family session.

Our families memories, and most notably our photographs, are the first things we think of when we speak of our most treasured belongings.  Family photography isn't just about taking a still photo and trust me they don't stay little forever...if you have questions inquiries and even hesitations, I would love to hear from you.  

I have a few select spots available for the fall of 2017.  karin.histon@gmail.com. 403-612-6539



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