Moments in 3 Acts | The Storyteller Photographer

 Every once in a while, things come together in a way that makes perfection seem like a ubiquitous word not quite capturing the moment.  I get it.  I do.  It's a dancer thing where you have all the feelings, the thoughts and the only way to get it out is to move, dance and in a way be free to express oneself in a way that is just that.  

dancers jumping with their shoes in front of them

I was asked to photograph dancers but....

what I was really charged with doing was to capture 6 young women who are an incredible group of beings who happen to dance together, but know deep down inside that 'together' is 'who' they really are.   Sometimes its the image where we see ourselves best.  And so I listened...I watched...I heard and then I saw.  This my dear girls is my vision of and for you.  

Act 1. 

hands reaching to the light.

Like the strings of the violines in the orchestra pit,  together the cacophony of the tuning moments give way to the most incredible sounds lulling us into realizing that in concert the sounds create art.  So too together with hands outstretched the simple moment defies the singular lending power in a moment that is just you...the light and the camera.  I started to see.  

Girls with red scarves that are thrown into the air

It's you who come together immediately as one with each one holding space for the other, creating a magic in the mundane helping us to see beyond the simple location and with the art challenging our minds to see beyond.  

girl near the train tracks in a tunnel

Then the juxtaposition shows itself.  The raw strength needed to execute at the level necessary to awe.  The power, the hard and the grit.  Melded then effortlessly with the art to create the moments that stop us in our tracks. 

girl doing arabesque on a bench


The intensity of the moment makes us pause to gasp.  This art, this sport, the athleticism, the hard, the dance. all. the. time.  The movement specialist in me always looking, always searching and then the moment happens. 

Strength and Art-51.jpg


A singular moment taking pause within the crescendo of the violin strings brings us to the crest of something amazing making us realize that by holding our breath we might just freeze time...if just for a moment longer so as to enjoy the high note listening to it as it lingers.......

Act 2. 

two girls bending backwards on the stairs

Then the one becomes the two that then melds into the more from there.  Together in harmony the pieces come together so beautifully gaining in strength and momentum. 

three dancers in tap shoes

Because it is just this that suggests the beginnings of the village.  The dance, the music...they are just the unyielding path that beckons the dancer, the lover of movement, to a journey that is forged in the love of an art that is so much more than point shoes and moleskin enveloping her and her family into the fabric of a together that binds them tight.  But years are what allow you to see this....  As with anything worth knowing...time.  Time will show you just how this is important.  Because this art is what brought you together and this...this is what happened. 

act 3.

6 girls in the light by the trees

This is then what happens when that ubiquitous road is followed.  A collision into friendship.  At times fleeting, footprints left on our hearts..perhaps it is soulmates that we carry for a life sharing and learning on one another.  At times it is just staying present in our now, basking in the sun and knowing exactly who is goofiest of the bunch.  Because that's a thing this dancer's life.  The Now.  The Us. Showing us equally that together we are united, individually we are celebrated. 

Straddling the end of the dance year and the beginning of summer, you show me that this artistic rendering of friendship, movement and art has what it takes to show you, me, them, that though dance is what you do....together is who you are.  

girls in point shoes at the train station

With the deepest of affection.  To she who trusted me enough to capture what was in her heart...your girl, her way, their village.  xoxo. Karin