credit Rebecca Hunnicutt

credit Rebecca Hunnicutt

Credit Kate Daniel.

Credit Kate Daniel.

i am karin. This is my village. 

Hey there, I'm Karin, a wife to the most amazing man,  a mom to two goofy and gorgeous girls, a photographer and a physiotherapist.  Most days you can find me in my favourite pair of jeans, connecting with my kids first thing in the morning as we get ready for the day and drive them to school. I'll inevitably then be trying to go through a to do list while secretly wishing that I just ditch it all to go for coffee with a great friend.  
I am mostly known for my story telling, heck let's just say it, my love of weaving a tale and making people laugh.  People often refer to me as 'camp Karin' when they gleefully drop their kids off at my house for a play date.  
I love serving the world in both health care and the photography realms.  I have held a camera in my hands since I was 8 years old...that's a long time people! - and I have the Negatives, Photos, Slides and external hard drives to prove it.  Creating lasting memories for others has always filled my soul, working on an album, slide show or photographic project keeps stretching what little night owl wings I would normally have and I am happy to do it.  Couple that with my work as a physiotherapist for over 15 years helping children to seniors and it rounds out my days as someone who is here to serve others.  
The things I am most passionate about in life are without a question - my kids, my family, my village.  My husband and I met on a glacier ski touring over 20 years ago.  Our children Talia and Avaia are our biggest teachers and my artistic directors.  They propel me to do as much good in a day as I can, remind me that jumping on the trampoline is good for my soul and then remind me to relax at the end of it all - corner time on the couch is coveted by all of us.  Language, travel, the outdoors, reading and photography are what round me out as a person.   
I photograph those who are yearning to capture their families in the most authentic ways while staying true to their individual personalities.  People, it goes fast - faster than the fast they tell you about!  I serve those who desire to have family memories that make them smile, laugh and cry when looking back at them and look forward to creating more.  
As a photographer I've been spotlighted on various social platforms including; Magic of Childhood; Wild and Brave Littles; Pocket Sweetness; Simply Children; The heart Captured; Treasuring Little Memories.  
My images have been part of a $60million dollar marketing campaign for the Calgary Health Trust - focusing on the NICU - Neonatal Intensive Care Unit. 
If you are dying to hear more, here are five things you might not know about me: 1. I was never a coffee drinker until I discovered Nespresso 2. I am trilingual - English, French and Swiss German - yep, a little known language from Switzerland 3. I love to cook but my fridge is currently bare 4. I telemark ski - it's ok if you don't's old school. 5. I love the colour red.  
Still here?  Let's connect!


A $250 session deposit is required to book with Karin and covers her time and talent on the day of your photo shoot.  Files, albums, and prints are purchased separately.  The session deposit does not cover print or digital files.  


The session deposit does cover the following:

- 1-2 hour photography session at an agreed upon location

- up to 5 family members

- Same or next day sneak peeks on Facebook (or privately in email). 

- Hand edited 30-40 images (60-80) viewable on a private online gallery within 2-4 weeks. 


Collections, prints, digitals and albums are purchased separately. 

An average total investment is typically $1300.  

Please contact me for detailed product, pricing and session guidelines.


All prices are subject to change.  I will honour prices at time of booking. 5% GST added on all purchases.  

I look forward to our kick off phone call to talk about your needs and how we can work together!  



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What a beautiful photo. It fully captures the emotion of the setting in a way that even the most fervent language could not.
— Doug